Shiller Tips

Tips for creating a successful show

We want to give you everything you need to create amazing content on Shiller. Here’s a few tips to consider when setting up a show:

Choosing the right format

It’s important to decide whether audio or video is the best format for your show.

Audio is great for open discussion show formats, where you want to encourage lots of people from your audience to join the conversation and speak.

Video is great for engaging your audience from an interesting location, or where you want to showcase a physical item in your discussion.

Public or Private?

Before setting up the show, decide whether you want the conversation to be open to all, or restricted to those who hold NFTs from a specific collection.

Remember that you also need to provide ownership of a token in the same collection by connecting your wallet before selecting the token gate option when setting up a show.

Have a plan!

Whether you’re opening a live video or audio room It’s always a good idea to plan your show in advance. What is the purpose of the room and what messaging do you want to get across?


Come up with a few talking points or sections between you and the audience or any guests. That way you can keep the pace of the conversation going, feed in all the information you need and make sure people tune for longer and stay entertained and engaged.

Make a connection

Don’t talk to the camera lens or the microphone, talk to your audience. It’s more authentic. Remember you’re trying to make a connection!

Regular scheduled programming

Go live as often as you can and build your audience. Give them something to come back to time and time again. Utilize both the audio and video features on Shiller. Pick a time that suits you and the people you want to tune in.

Light it up!

If you’re using our video feature check your light sources: where does the best light come from? Never record with your back to a window or other light sources. The best light is natural daylight.


Add a ring light or a soft box light to your setup for a professional look.

Keep it steady

When you’re streaming try to keep your shot steady even if you’re on the go. If you’re stationary find something to rest your device on and try to stay in frame at all times and avoid any dead space.


Add a tripod to your set up so you can focus on content with ease knowing your shot is steady at all times.

Testing Audio

Try to broadcast from a quiet space and speak loudly and clearly, audio is crucial for both video and audio rooms.


Connect an external mic or headset to take your voice to the next level.

Pump up the volume!

Make sure you have the volume turned up or are wearing headphones so you can hear other contributors in your room talking back to you. You don’t want to miss any interesting alpha.

Keep it interactive

We advise using the live chat function so the audience can ask questions directly in the room!

Give your viewers a voice and make them part of your room. involve everyone to drive the engagement of your show.

Create your profile!

Add a picture of yourself or your favorite PFP. What do you want to tell us about you? Fill in the bio section and tell us what to expect from you as a creator.

Promote your show!

Use your social accounts to let people know That you’re going LIVE on Shiller. Give them a taste of what to expect and more importantly give them a reason to tune in.